Experience the Whimsy of Balan Wonderworld’s Opening Movie

We’re five months away from Balan Wonderworld’s grand unveiling, and today, we got a look at the game’s opening movie. Yuji Naka’s next adventure evokes some of NiGHTS’ bright colors and character art style, but handles the real-world setting a bit differently. There’s a touch of mystery here that builds suspense throughout the opening while showing off the cast.

The art style is at home with NiGHTS, while the soundtrack of its opening is right in line with some of the best jazz numbers featured in anime franchises throughout history like Lupin the Third and Cowboy Bebop. The game looks bright and full of life and color and it will be a lot to fun to see what Wonderworld has to offer on March 26, 2021 for the Switch, PS4, PS4, PC and Xbox consoles.