Teardown Ready To Tear Up Early Access With Release Date Announcement

Everything breaks, eventually.  Even neutron stars, which have a density of roughly 400 million metric tons per cubic centimeter, can explode under the right circumstances, so a brick wall or steel safe doesn’t have much of a chance by comparison.  Teardown is a game about breaking things in advantageous ways, creating new paths to pull off a perfect heist and escape before the heat arrives.  Drive through a building, shoot out a window, explode a wall, and then take a little time to set up boards or other helpful bits of detritus to make crossing the terrain easier, at which point it’s finally time to start the plan.  The alarm doesn’t go off until the first of a series of items is stolen, so the trick is to scout the area and imagine an efficient path first, then figure out how to build it.  The open levels can be tackled in whatever way seems best but once the alarm rings it’s time to run, hoping the plan works as well in practice as it did during setup.  Heists are hard but when everything breaks it can be an exercise in destructive creativity.

Teardown is just about ready to begin its life on Early Access, and today got a release date announcement of October 29.  While there’s no new video this one from August gives a good idea of why it’s a game to pay attention to, in case “drive flaming 18-wheeler through building” wasn’t quite enough.  The voxel levels promise to be an endlessly breakable playground, with plenty of opportunity to either mess around or work on the perfect speedrun, but whichever you choose the poor level will never be the same after the intense bout of focused property damage.