Humankind Planning to Release Next April

Humankind, the next grand 4X strategy game by developer Amplitude Studios, is targeting an April release next year, it’s been confirmed today. The game was originally slated to release at some point this year — following its original announcement last year amidst the many not-E3 livestreams and online presentations — but was subsequently pushed back to an unspecified point in 2021. That has now been narrowed down a touch, though no specific date was provided alongside the planned launch month.

Humankind is the latest new IP developed by the Paris-based studio and takes a break from the studio’s established Endless Space series. Tasking players with developing their chosen civilisation across a multitude of historic time periods, picking which cultures and societies to include amidst one’s growing civilisation, becomes just as important as establishing a locale with which your populous can grow and, hopefully, prosper. From the little we played of the game’s opening period earlier this year, Humankind is certainly an interesting proposition — one fans of Amplitude’s previous work and completely newcomers alike, are bound to latch onto.