Disc Room Launch Trailer Drives the Disc Horror Home

Disc Room is all about rooms filled with discs inflicting horrible, painful death inside of an absolutely massive disc. Players got a decent look at the game with the developer intro video, but now they can experience some of the same terror their brave scientist will be feeling come October 22. As is to be expected, repeated slicing and dicing does not look pleasant.

In Disc Room, players attempt to guide an unnamed scientist through a mysterious ship filled with deadly disc traps. As the game wears on, new abilities can be unlocked to help players both survive longer and more easily tackle the game’s increasingly cryptic puzzles. Why is there a disc-shaped ship orbiting Jupiter, and what is the purpose of all the discs? Unfortunately, there’s only one way for the unfortunate scientist to find out.

Disc Room launches on October 22 for PC and Nintendo Switch. Its soundtrack is going to be available on a saw blade vinyl too for those who can’t get enough of its music.