Final Fantasy XIV New Make it Rain Campaign is a Dud

It was announced earlier this year that due to COVID-19, there would be a number of delays from the MMO, including the seasonal events that popup. One specific event was the Make it Rain campaign which generally comes out in late June was now pushed to the end of October and will coincide with the All Saints Wake event.

There were bigger expectations for this event because it was combining both of the events in some fashion, or at least we had thought. Unfortunately, what we have received is nothing short of disappointing as there’s nothing remarkable. The story itself sees you helping Roland in giving suggestions to familiar faces such as Hamon, Mylla and Adalberta.

Players will be able to earn an increased 50% MGP to spend at the Gold Saucer services, not to mention a Seasonal vendor has been added to offer most of the weapons and mini-game housing machines at reduced cost. You will also be able to get a brand new emote, Consider, alongside 5,000 MGP for completing the event quest, but outside of that, there’s not a whole lot here. There was some expectations that Square Enix would at the very least bring back some of the older, more exclusive items such as the Rainmaker hairstyle which has not been seen for over two years, but alas it was not so.

With this being such a dud, let’s hope Square Enix continues their efforts in at least bringing back older collaborations like they have with the Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy XI and Yokai events over the last few months.