Android Hunter A Brings Fast-Paced Action-Platforming to PC This November

Android Hunter A has been in development for years, with an impressive demo hitting the scene a few years back that showcased its wares nicely. Today, the polygonal Meta Man-like has finally been given some concrete release information. Beyond the normal side-scrolling running, jumping, and shooting, A also features motorbike sections. Android Hunter A features eight stages with big bosses and fast action throughout.

As you go through the adventure, you’ll gain new skills and increase your attack power. You can also customize your look – something you can’t do in most Mega Man-like adventures. The demo was quite promising when I played it four years ago – and there’s nothing that uses the Mega Man gameplay loop as a base and has aimed to look this good yet. Android Hunter A launches on November 26 for PC, Linux, and macOS via Steam – with console ports coming at some point soon.