Bouncy Tires and Burning Lava on Lonely Mountains: Downhill’s New Volcano DLC

What’s better than a mountain? A mountain that can explode, of course!  Lonely Mountains: Downhill was a tour through a nice variety of biomes, starting at the top of the course and riding down whatever way seemed best.  Go for speed and a perfect run?  Excellent, always a good choice.  Hit the brakes and take it slow to bask in the quiet atmosphere as the wind blows through the trees?  That’s not a bad plan at all.  Explore the course looking for all alternate routes and shortcuts?  There’s plenty of them everywhere and new scenery to ride through when found so yeah, it’s definitely worth seeing what the odd corners of the mountain might turn up.  Each mountain has four intricately-designed courses, winding through alpine woodlands and desert vistas, each with its own personality.  What it didn’t have, though, was a volcano, and that’s been fixed with the new DLC released today.

Eldfjall Island is a dangerous peak set in an Icelandic region, with trails running every which way across its terrain.  The four peaks have their own courses with minimal overlap in trails, past cliffs, through seaside caves, and of course one running from the caldera.  Dropping a couple hundred feet from a cliff when misjudging speed doesn’t seem quite so bad compared to flying into a lava pool.  Plus there are a nice variety of new customization accessories, because why carry a backpack when there’s a viking shield available?

Lonely Mountains: Downhill – Eldfjall Island is available today and bumps up the game content by a good 25%, but the standard game also got an update in the form of a daily ride feature, where you can compete against other riders for best score (calculated by time and number of falls) or just try to earn new seasonal accessories.  It’s been a year since the original Lonely Mountain first released, and with the new features it’s a great time to dive back in for either high-intensity biking or chilled exploration.