Surviving The Aftermath Enters Steam Early Access With Major Update

Paradox Interactive and Iceflake Studios announced today that post-apocalyptic survival colony builder, Surviving the Aftermath, is now available on Steam Early Access for a suggested retail price of $24.99 USD / £21.99 GPB / €24.99 Euro. To sweeten the deal, players who own the previously released Surviving Mars get a ten percent discount on Surviving the Aftermath. Surviving the Aftermath also received a free content update across all platforms called Update 11: Quests which encourages exploration of the outside word for additional resources.

Surviving the Aftermath has spent the past year in Early Access on the Epic Games Store and Xbox Game Preview where the developers have worked alongside the community to develop ten major content updates to enhance the overall experience and game mechanics. With Update 11: Quests players can send specialists out into the to complete missions and earn rewards with each decision having an impact on the mission’s ending, so thinking out possible consequences for each choice is advisable.

The new key features for Update 11: Quests include branching questlines where players can leave their colony to explore the world map where they can create unique storylines by completing a series of chained events. Certain segments of the world have becomes larger with more points of interest and adjustments have been made to scouting, scavenging and location hazards. The combat system has been revamped, and bandits how regenerate health and have increased damage, making them a greater challenge for specialists. Players now can filter, display, and highlight essential information about the colony and its surroundings. Overlay modes include Building Health, Buildings, Water, Energy, Living Entities and Pollution. Lastly, there have been improvements to the tech tree, colonist info panel and scavenge info panels.

Surviving the Aftermath is about building a managing a colony of survivors after a cataclysmic event. Players are able to construct more than 61 unique buildings to handle the needs of surviving such an environment like farming, exploration, resource management and security in a procedurally generated with six different biomes filled with resources, rival societies and wildlife with different survival conditions. Players can recruit over eighty specialists with their own skills and motivations. Defending the gate to your colony is a very important task as the world is filled with dangerous animals, bandits and other threats to your survival. If those concerns weren’t enough, the reputation of a leader in a post apocalyptic settlement is very important so each decision should be weighed carefully. Surviving the Aftermath will leave Early Access and officially launch in early 2021 on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.