The Red Lantern Now Available on PC and Switch

The Red Lantern has been in the works for years and aims to do something that no game has really done – get across just how grueling the world of dog-sledding can be. It follows the Musher, voiced by Ashly Burch, shows that she can take any obstacle head-on. It’s a resource-heavy narrative where you and your time of five dogs have to find a way to survive the wilderness and make it home.

Set in Alaska, you’ll have to fend off bears, avoid frostbite, tend to the dogs, and explore the environment for supplies. You can get the game now on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop for a discounted price of $19.99 – down from its normal $24.99 or for PC via the Epic Games Store with that same price point. However, on EGS, you can also use the $10 coupon that was recently given away for getting Rocket League for free and get it for $10.