Treasure’s Beloved Shmup Ikaruga Getting Vinyl Soundtrack Pressing

It’s no secret that Ikaruga still holds up as one of the best shoot-em-up’s (or shmup for short) there’s been for the genre. Even after nearly two decades of availability — starting in mere arcades, before jumping to Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox, PC and even the Switch at one point — the game’s primary polarity-shifting gimmick, temptation of a high-score and its overall presentation have helped elevate developer Treasure’s entry into being one of the best the genre has offered up. And it’s only now that the game’s soundtrack is getting the due respect, thanks to label Data Discs with Ikaruga’s music finally coming to vinyl.

Presented as a 180g single LP, the soundtrack comes in one of three versions: clear with black and white splatter (and, for obvious reason, the limited edition version), white and standard black. All three versions will also come packed with four lithographic prints based on the game’s original artwork/concept art. Pre-orders for the Ikaruga soundtrack go live this coming Saturday.