Who’s Who in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Destiny 2: Beyond Light marks the third major expansion for Destiny 2, and like the others, takes players to a mesmerizing new location. This year, players get to experience the frozen wastes of Europa. One of Jupiter’s moons, Europa, is the birthplace of the Exos and the new home of a dark empire. It’s going to be a cold, dark journey, but players won’t have to explore Europa alone. A mix of returning and new faces will guide or hinder you on your journey. Here’s every major player in Beyond Light’s narrative.

You, Guardian

As always, the story of Destiny 2: Beyond Light centers around you, Guardian. You’ve pushed back the Red Legion, traveled deep into the Dreaming City and witnessed the arrival of Darkness over the past three years. Now, your journey continues on Europa, where an ancient Pyramid Ship hovers, and below the ice, a new dark empire has arisen. Eramis, Kell of Darkness, is amassing a legion to take on the Traveler and has found a way to wield the power of Darkness. Team up with your fellow Guardians, explore the icy expanse of Europa and takedown Eramis’ army, even if it means wielding the power of Darkness yourself.

As always, players can choose between three different builds: Titan, Warlock and Hunter. In addition to the three pre-established elemental powers (Solar, Void and Arc), Beyond Light introduces a fourth brand new element to wield, Stasis.



The Kell of Darkness, and formally known as the Shipstealer, Eramis has reemerged on Europa after she escaped from the Prison of Elders in Forsaken, forming the House of Salvation. She leads the new house ruthlessly, utilizing Darkness’s power to destroy the forces of The Last City.

Eramis is hellbent on getting revenge against the Traveler for abandoning her people long ago. To do this, she has gained the power of Stasis, allowing her to go toe-to-toe against the Guardians. She serves as Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s main antagonist.


The mysterious Exo-Stranger makes her return after a six-year absence. First appearing in Destiny, the mysterious stranger hasn’t popped up since. Working for a mysterious faction, the Exo-Stranger showed up in the original game, helping Guardians infiltrate the Black Garden. She appears to travel across time and reality and is working to avert some horrible future. Following the Black Heart’s destruction, the Exo-Stranger disappeared, leaving behind her weapon for Guardians to use.

She returns, six years later, on Europa, the birthplace of all Exos. With the current threat of Eramis and the looming threat of the Darkness, she’s back to aid Guardians once again.


A longtime ally to Queen Mara Sov, Variks has yet to appear during Destiny 2’s lifecycle. Despite this, the Fallen has remained a prominent player in the lore, especially during Forsaken’s events. Following the prison break, Variks declared himself the Kell of Kells and allied himself with Eramis, the Shipstealer.

Variks makes his physical return in Beyond Light as an uneasy ally of Eramis. Worried of the effect Darkness is having on her, Variks sends out a transmission summoning Guardians to Europa. Unfortunately, Eramis gets wind of this and captures Variks, trapping him in ice. His fate remains unknown.


The mysterious rogue Light-bearer first appeared in Destiny 2. The host of Gambit, Drifter, arrived at the Tower following the defeat of the Red Legion. Despite wielding the power of Light, Drifter has seemingly forsaken it, instead choosing to follow his own path. That path has led him deep into unknown space where he managed to modify his ghost to interact with different light and energies. This ultimately led to the creation of Gambit.

Despite his mysterious nature, Drifter gets along well with the Guardians in the hopes they join his crew. He also works well with Eris Morn, helping her decode messages broadcasted by the Pyramids, though he remains under her close watch. He joins Eris and the Exo-Stranger on Europa as an ancient Pyramid arrives.

Eris Morn

The brooding Hunter, Eris Morn, is an expert on the Hive and sole survivor of a fireteam that attempted to assassinate Crota. Having helped the Guardian take down Crota, she has since dedicated her time to helping take out Oryx, forging alliances with Queen Mara Sov and Osiris, and gathering information about Hive activities on the Moon. She was the first to discover the Pyramid in Shadowkeep and has since worked alongside Drifter to decode broadcasts from Pyramids around the solar system.

Eris Morn joins Drifter and the Exo-Stranger on Europa. There, she’ll be tempted by the knowledge of Stasis as she helps Guardians defeat Eramis.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light launches November 10 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions arrive on December 8.