Halloween Fully Hits Pokémon GO

Pokémon sure loves celebrating various holidays! Christmas merch was just announced and Day of the Dead events are coming next month to Pokémon GO. But right now, Halloween 2020 is in full swing for Pokémon GO players.

The scariest time of the season comes with themed Special Research tasks by catching many Ghost-type Pokémon. You will find costume-wearing Gengar and Sableye along with other spooky Pokémon such as Shuppet and Duskull. A Galarian Yamask could pop up letting you gain enough candies to evolve it to get at least one more Galarian in your Pokédex. Mega energy will be rewarded for Gengar if you have already completed a previous event and five-star raids have you face Darkrai. Avatar items for your trainer have a Halloween-theme. This event starts October 23 and ends on November 3.

There are even more surprises and rewards for players to check out here. Halloween is very strange in 2020 and if you aren’t going out to parties or trick-or-treating, you can at least spend time with Pokémon GO.