Learn to Talk Computer in Code Miner: A Programming Game

Hungarian Independent Developer Adam Miklosi has announced the release of Code Miner: A Programming Game. Based on CODE IDE — a mobile Integrated Development Environment — the game weds familiar 2D mining/drilling games (think Dig Dug) with programming, encouraging players to learn to code while also exercising logical thought processes to reach their goals. Taking on the role of an engineer at a mining corporation and hired to command a mining robot, gamers must craft sets of logical instructions

The game uses a built-in JavaScript engine, a streamlined code editor similar in appearance and function to editors such as Sublime Text. The game compensates for the lack of a physical keyboard with features like Smart Code Completion, which autofills code, additional, frequently-used symbols, a virtual folder tree, a comment line toggle, find and replace, undo/redo, and no suspicious permission requests.

Code Miner: A Programming Game is currently available on Android via the Google Play Store and is expected to be released in the future on other app stores, including the iOS app store. It’s free to play for the first several missions, with the full game unlock-able by way of a monthly subscription, starting at $5/month.