The Mandalorian Coming to Pinball FX3

Star Wars is a difficult franchise but when it lands right it’s an absolute crowd-pleaser.  Movies one and three of the new trilogy may have been a tired rehash of the originals with barely a thought to call their own, but The Mandalorian popped up out of nowhere and showed everyone what happens when Star Wars is done right.  The series absolutely nailed what people want from Star Wars, and while Disney was uncharacteristically slow with the merchandise and spin-offs that was never going to last.  Thankfully the inevitable pinball has finally been announced, with Zen Studios releasing a tiny little trailer that teases a little bit of what its Mandalorian table will have to offer.

The Mandalorian pinball will cover the entire first series, with animated 3D figures including the Mandalorian, Baby Yoda The Child, and IG-11.  How Zen passed on making a Werner Herzog figure is anyone’s guess, but with the table not set to join the Pinball FX series until sometime this spring there’s still time for a few surprises.