AMD Reveals RX 6000 Video Card Series That Will Pressure NVIDIA

The biggest change in PC gaming is currently happening. New processors and new video cards that offer true next generation hardware are being announced with AMD upping the ante today. The NVIDIA RTX 3000 series of cards began releasing about a month ago with the 3070 series set to hit tomorrow. AMD has swooped in with the stats and pricing of its RX 6000 series of cards to an overwhelming surprise for players. Three versions of the cards were announced, and all of them offer more performance than rival NVIDIA’s depending on the class.

All the AMD RX 6000 series video cards will have three common denominators. The first will be the upgrade of the RDNA architecture to RDNA 2, which is seen in both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. This will offer performance of up to 1.54x more than the current architecture seen on the 5000 series cards. Second will be the inclusion of hardware-accelerated ray tracing. AMD has also worked to make the most out of Direct X 12 Ultimate for gamers for supreme performance. Lastly, the newly touted Infinity Cache will allow to expand on the 256-bit bus bandwidth and allow higher FPS for 4K gaming.

The first AMD RX 6000 card that was revealed was the RX 6800XT. This card is set to rival the RTX 3080 from NVIDIA, which had an amazing price-to-performance mark coming in at only $699. The issue with all of NVIDIA’s cards has been the availability, and that may just work out better for AMD if the supply is there. The RX 6800XT offers 16GB of GDDR6 RAM along with a clock speed of 2015Ghz with a boost to 2250Ghz. AMD also touted the new RAGE mode which will offer even further performance for the cards. These will also require only a two-eight pin connector for power as it draws at maximum 300 watts. The RX 6800XT retails for $649 with better performance in quite a few games for $50 less than the competition.

The mid-level card that will rival the RTX 2070 is the RX 6800. This will offer extremely high FPS to fully utilize that 144hz monitor you have for 1440p gaming while offering the the capabilities of playing AAA titles at 4K Ultra settings and 60 FPS. This will also offer 16GB of GDDR6 RAM and a slower clock speed than the 6800XT measuring in at 1815Ghz with a boost of 2105Ghz. This will only draw 250 watts of power. The RX 6800 will not be cheaper than the RTX 2070, but it future proofs a lot better thanks to the RAM. The RX 6800 retails for $579.

The behemoth of the bunch is the RX 6900XT which will rival the RTX 3090. Offering some more performance than the rival, the RX 6900XT will retail for just $999. This offers the same clock speeds as the RX 6800XT, but more ray tracing accelerators and cores under the hood. The point is that at its bare minimum, it is neck and neck with the RTX 3090 which retails for $500 more, and that is if you can find it at a retailer. The AMD Radeon 6800XT and 6800 will be available on November 18 and the 6900XT will be available on December 8.