Bravely Default II Releasing Next February

Bravely Default II is, sadly, another game that won’t be making the 2020 cut, it’s been announced today. Despite its initial and, until now, vague promise of hitting the Nintendo Switch this year, it looks as though the third entrant in one of Square Enix’s more novel and unique approaches to turn-based JPRG’s, will now look to be one of the early releases of 2021. The game will now release exclusively on Nintendo’s platform on February 26.

On top of a new a story trailer however, the developers behind the game have also provided information in a separate video, on the kind of updates and tweaks that the final build will get — a response to fan feedback following the game’s demo previously made available earlier this year, back in March. Among the changes, the game will now feature three different difficulty settings, character/enemy turn order during combat is now better visualised so that players can act more strategically, whilst out in the field, enemies/monsters are now much easier to avoid should they spot you.

All of which are certainly welcome changes; while there was still satisfaction to be had with the game’s combat, job system and what little music we got to hear during the demo, from what we played, it was clear the game was in need of some changes here and there. Let’s hope the developer’s response to fan feedback has paid off.