Haven Finally Has a Release Date (For Most Platforms)

This past Summer, The Game Bakers’ latest title Haven was showcased throughout countless digital events, yet despite a multitude of snippets, trailers, and gameplay showcases, the much-anticipated title was never given any release date throughout all of it. But just like magic, a date has finally been announced, and players will be able to experience Yu and Kay’s heartfelt story this early December.

Accompanying the release date news is a new story trailer, which you can check out below. Our two lovers escape to a faraway planet in order to settle down and begin a new life, and you watch as their relationship blossoms even further, helping to shape it as well. But remnants from their old life are on their trail, it appears, and are even outright hunting them. So while the game asks if love conquers all, Yu and Kay will still have to battle the enemies they come across in synchronized tag team combat, fighting together for the chance to let them live their lives the way they want.

Haven comes out on December 3 for PC, PS5, XB1, and XSX.  You may notice a couple of platforms missing there, though, as the Switch and PS4 versions won’t be out until early in 2021. The latter being more odd, given the PS5 version will be ready, but not the PS4. Even when the Creative Director was helping to announce the date and show off local co-op play in a PlayStation Blog post, there was no mention of a reason for the delay. But regardless, Haven still looks impressive, and we can’t wait to check out the whole game in just over a month.