Tetris Effect: Connected to Feature Five New Multiplayer Modes

Perhaps the biggest draw to Tetris Effect: Connected — the expanded edition to developer Enhance’s brilliant 2018 rendition of Tetris — was the announcement of a new online multiplayer component. Complimenting what was already an infectious, audio-visual experience (from a Tetris game no less), but still one feature that did surprise some as to its absence from the original game.

Today we got a bit more information as to what Connected’s new multiplayer section entails with Enhance confirming that the expanded release will feature five new modes of both a competitive and a co-operative nature. On the competitive side, there’s Classic Score Attack — whose visual style aims to replicate the look of the original NES version of Tetris — that pits players against one another in simply aiming for the high score, as thy climb up levels and the drops get faster. Then there’s its more modern equivalent which enables all moves and tricks implemented in past Tetris games, such as T-Spin’s. Then there’s Zone Battle which incorporates, as its name implies, the Zone mechanic from Tetris Effect. Allowing players to rack up a multitude of line clears, to then send back at their opponent as garbage. But of course it’s not all entirely competitive in the sense of players against players and in keeping with the expansion’s name, there’s also a couple of co-operative modes.

As teased in the game’s announcement trailer, Connected mode as it’s called, has three players team up against an AI “boss” of sorts. Said boss having the ability to introduce game-changing tricks and twists — the counter to this is that at certain points, all three player’s boards can fuse, entering a shared Zone mode in order to send cleared/garbage lines back at the boss so as to defeat them. Finally, there’s an all-player, competitive twist to Connected mode, called Connected Vs, in which three players go up against one “boss” player, though as the developer points out, this mode will only be live one day of the week. Clearly there’s enough variety on offer so far as modes and objectives go, so it’ll be interesting to see just how far this expanded release can push what was already a brilliant, single-player experience. Tetris Effect: Connected releases for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S & PC on November 10. The multiplayer expansion will be made free for owners of the PS4 and Epic Games Store versions next Summer.