Annapurna Interactive to Establish Internal Development Studio

Annapurna Interactive — the publisher of some independent games’ more acclaimed and visually diverse selection of releases — has today announced it is in the process of establishing its own development studio, alongside its regular publishing duties. The studio, to be based in Los Angeles, is already in the early stages of its first debut project. “We’ve had the immense honor of working with some of the most talented independent game creators in the world,” Nathan Gary, President of the company, stated. “Many of us came from an internal development background and are excited to make this a part of Annapurna Interactive moving forward.”

The studio still has key roles to fill though, with Annapurna still on the hunt for a Game Director and Senior Producer. But that doesn’t mean the publisher will be slacking off when it comes to continuing to add to their already-impressive portfolio. 2021 alone will hopefully feature such games as time-loop thriller 12 Minutes, perspective-based puzzler Maquette, Heart Machine’s anticipated follow-up to Hyper Light Drifter in the form of Solar Ash, as well as the inner-city, feline adventurer Stray.