Ghost Ships Drift Into Orbit in Hardspace: Shipbreaker’s ‘Haunted Frontier’ Update

It turns out that one doesn’t have to run into aliens to experience utter terror out in the black void of space. In fact, as Hardspace: Shipbreaker’s “Haunted Frontier” update is showing, all that’s really needed is a deteriorating, empty ship. Once the update has been downloaded through Steam Early Access, players can encounter mysterious derelicts floating out in the middle of nowhere.

They can be quite a lucrative opportunity for the intrepid salvager, but there’s a catch: these wrecks are filled with dangerous tech. Some unknown group has filled these ships with dangerous AI nodes that must be both found and destroyed before the ships’ contents can be salvaged. Destroying these nodes isn’t without consequence though; each one destroyed worsens the ship’s condition. Lights can malfunction, rooms can depressurize and strange sounds can emanate from the abandoned corridors. Anything can happen on a ghost ship.

In addition to this, players can now customize their cutting tool with stickers representing their achievements. Hardspace: Shipbreaker is also on sale for 25 percent off too. Those interested can pick it up at this reduced price until November 2. Before doing so though, be sure to check out our preview to learn a bit more about the life of a ship salvager.