How to Find the Best DedSec Recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion

Unlike the previous entries in Ubisoft’s open world hacking franchise, Watch Dogs: Legion introduces the ability to recruit and play as any civilian you come across while roaming the oppressed streets of London. From the unsuspecting elderly and street performers to mercenary soldiers and spies, the wide variety of people you can persuade to join DedSec is truly impressive and also a little overwhelming. Outside of a brief overview provided by your phone when scanning others on the street, the game gives little direction as to which potential members will prove to be the most useful, leading to plenty of trial and error. For those looking to gain a strong army of followers right off the bat, here are some key tips and tricks to help players have quick access to a slew of beneficial playable characters.

Unlock Deep Profiler

Although some citizens may be inclined to join DedSec with a minimal amount of outside help, there are plenty of others who hold a negative impression of the hacker group after the opening events of the game. Those people will have a single red thumbs down next to their name upon scanning them, but unlike those with a second thumbs down, they are not yet a lost cause. Instead, as you collect more tech points, be sure to prioritize unlocking Deep Profiler as one of your first abilities. The Deep Profiler will allow you to view the daily schedule of any saved recruits and point out any leads that may sway them to feel more positive about DedSec, such as hacking a rival or acquiring key data that will benefit them in one way or another. After completing this initial task, players can then meet back up with that recruit and relay the good news, which will often lead to a more traditional recruit mission that still needs to be completed before they finally feel compelled to join up with DedSec.

Explore your Neighborhoods

The city of London is helpfully divided into several boroughs, with both urban and surrounding suburban regions that feature their own unique characteristics. In addition to the differing types of buildings and artwork on display, each borough is also a reflection of the different kinds of people that inhabit it, with creative types more likely to be roaming the back alleyways late at night while construction workers may be more often spotted in downtown areas as they work hard on their latest project. If you’re ever on the lookout for a specific profession to add to your roster, making an educated guess about where they may be located based on the time of day and other factors turns out to be accurate more often than not. Plus, completing all of the Defiance challenges within a specific borough will instantly add a high-tier operative to your roster and often represent some of the most skilled characters that you can play as within Watch Dogs: Legion.

Dress for Success

As you progress through the campaign of Watch Dogs: Legion, you’ll become acquainted with some of the groups and factions that have ambitious plans for the future of London. As you work towards stopping them, many of your objectives will lead you to infiltrate some of their properties and hideouts, and the easiest way to gain access to them is to have someone on the inside. With a little extra work, you can recruit key faction participants like Clan Kelley members, Albion soldiers and police officers that can enter their own areas with little resistance and reduced enemy awareness as long as you don’t do anything that outs your true colors. Even with this advantage, there’s still a level of caution you’ll need to maintain by not getting too close to enemies or drones, but the thrill of hiding in plain sight is a welcome addition to the variety of ways you can approach a restricted area.

Help Those in Need

With all of these different factions running amok in London, there are plenty of opportunities where you’ll end up witnessing fellow citizens butting heads with their new oppressors, often in the form of Albion officers handcuffing someone with little justification. While interfering in these matters can lead to you being wanted and pursued, the person you freed will be much more likely to have a positive opinion of DedSec and save valuable time if you attempt to recruit them after the fact. In case the encounter takes an unexpected turn for the worse, the smart move before trying to rescue them is to scan and save them as a potential recruit, so you can track them down if you are able to free them successfully.

When in Doubt, Key Steal

As DedSec starts to grow into a formidable operation and you have more allies to pick between before beginning a new mission, it can become gradually tougher to determine which operative is the best fit for the task ahead. Due to the wide variety of playstyles that Watch Dogs: Legion accounts for, it’s hard to definitively say which perks will prove to be beneficial to your needs and desires at any given time. The Key Steal ability, which allows the operative to hack keys for locked doors without needing to be near the key itself, however, has proved to be invaluable for any type of objective. Whether you go quiet or loud, locked doors will almost inevitably stand in your way at some point, and being able to quickly eliminate that dilemma without having to work your way towards the key itself can prove to be crucial time and time again, so be sure to have a few available operatives that have that specific skill.

Watch Dogs: Legion is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions arriving at their respective launches next month. Be sure to check out our general tips and tricks for more helpful pieces of advice as you begin your adventure in near-future London.