Return to Stonefang in Latest Demon’s Souls Gameplay Trailer

Bluepoint Games and PlayStation Studios today dropped a new gameplay trailer for Demon’s Souls focused on another classic area.

It won’t be long before fans finally get their hands on the Demon’s Souls remake. It was over a decade ago that the original game landed on PS3, and soon it will be reborn on PS5. With just a few weeks left, developer Bluepoint Games has dropped a new trailer focusing on a classic area, Stonefang.

As one of the five realms in Demon’s Souls, players will travel deep beneath the ground where they’ll face off against cursed miners, brave molten lava, and face off against daunting demons. Fans of the original will no doubt remember the Armored Spider and Flamelurker boss fights, now lovingly recreated on PS5. The trailer ends with a tease of many other locations and enemies players will face throughout the land of Boletaria.

Demon’s Souls launches November 12 alongside the PS5.