November Prime Gaming Freebies Now Available

November has just begun and Amazon’s Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime) service has opened the doors to a handful of freebies for the month. The biggest hitter here is A Knight’s Quest, which normally goes for $25 on the Epic Games Store. This 3D Zelda-like adventure mixes a healthy blend of action, platforming and puzzles to craft an experience that you don’t see much of on PC. Those seeking an action-packed isometric game will enjoy Victor Vran, while anyone wanting a 2D city-builder will get a kick out of Lethis and its Victorian setting and detailed pixel art.

Smoke and Sacrifice is an open-world RPG that’s all about crafting and survival, while Aurion offers up something completely unlike any other experience here, with its lush hand-drawn animation offering a side-scrolling action-adventure. This is a loaded month for the service — as both A Knight’s Quest and Aurion make it well worth the cost of Amazon Prime to obtain these freebies, which are generally DRM-free outside of the Prime Gaming launcher itself.