2K Unveils The City for NBA 2K21 for MyPLAYER

While the current generation got a big change of scenery for MyPLAYER with The Neighborhood, the next-generation version of NBA 2K21 is going back to the metropolis. 2K and Visual Concepts have unveiled The City in its latest Courtside Report. This is a deep and completely different experience than what fans are used to. The design mimics a modern metropolis including towering skyscrapers, plazas and even a city center. The City also includes four distinct boroughs that are controlled by four rival Affiliations. This means that Affiliations are back for MyPLAYER.

For the Boroughs in The City, Affiliations will have a dedicated space in the North, South, East and West sections. Each will have its own vibe and a collection of basketball courts. These courts will be decked out in Affiliation logos and colors. Each will also include a Warehouse court that new MyPLAYER progression features are housed.

Rookieville is an area on the southern side where the MyPLAYER journey begins. Once completing the tasks here, players will move into The City. The Event Center is the heart of The City. This bright and shining beacon is in view no matter which borough you are in. This will house special events inside of it and special intra-Affiliation competition. Also spread out around The City, there will be hoops attached to the side of some buildings. Here, you can pull out your basketball and start shooting some hoops. Players can step in at any time and will launch seamlessly into 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or HORSE. There will also be large VC multipliers that can be earned on these courts.

With the theme of exploration tied to The City, players will encounter the People of The City. These are NPCs that provide quests and objectives. This is something completely new to the franchise and blurs the line of RPG and sports games. The people are easy to spot with exclamation points and quests will be updated every 4-6 weeks. There are two lines of quests. The first is a series of single player 3v3 games that will take place in the Warehouse for each Affiliation. The other line of quests encourage the player to go out and play games in The City.

Physical training for MyPLAYER will take place within the Gatorade Training Facility. This will have two floors with the usual training equipment housed on the first floor. The second floor offers a new features known as Rental Courts. This allows for an uninterrupted run of games with your friends and others you just met. Special courts (one 4v4, one 5v5) are available in The City. These are non-affiliated courts that pay tribute to Kobe Bryant with a textured snakeskin design.

The Affiliations aren’t just named after the compass areas, but do have names. The North Side Knights, South City Vipers, Beasts of the East and Western Wildcats are the community affiliation names. Players can file a transfer request if they want to change Affiliations. Mayors will be a brand new dynamic featured added to The City. Mayors can create assorted videos during their term that show up on jumbotrons in court areas. They can also curate custom playlists, design courts, design murals and choose uniforms.

Things get interesting after this. To help make for a truly vibrant and dynamic environment, there will be hundreds of MyPLAYERS simultaneously in The City. Players will need a basketball in their inventory to participate in the Gatorade Court Rentals and Garage Hoop games. You can showcase your style in the streets. To further help getting around, players can use skateboards and BMX bikes and can grind rails. There’s a long rail on a hill in the Beats of the East borough. Players can land a 360 on the BMX bike and can also grind with the skateboard. The Chopper is a flashy BMX bike that will grab the attention of everyone around you.

This is a deep and immersive experience coming to The City for MyPLAYER, looking to offer players total freedom to do what they want in terms of playing basketball in a massive social environment. NBA 2K21 will launch alongside next-gen consoles next week. You can read the full Courtside Report here.