Political Adventure Suzerain Begins Term on December 4

Unsurprisingly, politics are on the mind of many right now, as seen with the recent announcements concerning the release dates of Animal Farm and now Suzerain, a political drama and role-playing tale coming from developers Torpor Games and Fellow Traveller. Set in the fictional country of Sordland during the 1950s, Suzerain has you playing as Anton Rayne, the country’s newly-elected president. Sordland has gone through decades of coups, civil wars, and political troubles in general, though, and so Anton has inherited a ton of responsibility, with players having to figure out the best way to lead.

Uniquely, Suzerain isn’t the type of typical simulation or management game one might typically expect upon first glance. Instead, it’s a text-based adventure where players will make various choices that shape the country and take them down several branching paths. There are potential wars to prevent, bills to endorse, infrastructure projects to launch, economies in various districts to handle, the issues of immigration, welfare, law enforcement, and much, much more. Oh, and trying to still be a family man as well while all of this goes down. Thankfully, you have a Cabinet to help advise with the issues, but ultimately, players have to choose what the best action is, and it won’t always be easy. Suzerain comes out on December 4 for PC, when we’ll see how well this presidency goes down.