Animal Farm Game Adaptation to Arrive in December

First announced back in 2017 but brought back into the limelight earlier this year, a video game adaptation of George Orwell’s classic critique of totalitarianism and novella Animal Farm seems like the type of work that would be extremely tricky to pull off these days, for more reasons than one. But if there is one developer who would be likely to succeed, it would be Nerial, who have shown via their Reigns series that they can handle unique takes on resource management and choice-based narrative journeys. So having teamed up with The Dairymen (with full approval from the Orwell Estate), it should be interesting to see how well they fare when Animal Farm comes out this December.

The game’s release date was announced a new teaser, seen below, which features the story’s antagonist, Napoleon, along with a classic quote from the story. The game will have you guiding Manor Farm through seven years of Animalism, choosing how to work with the animals, how to gather resources to rally against the humans, choosing from the political machinations of Surveillance, Reeducation or Bloodbaths, and more. There are eight endings to apparently work towards, but as seen in the screenshots on the Steam page, getting to any of them won’t be a pretty endeavor. Animal Farm comes out on December 10 for PC and mobile devices.