Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition Now on Switch

At a young age you may have been obsessed with dinosaurs and became mesmerized by the Jurassic Park series of films. Now, that love continues to modern day thanks to Jurassic World and Nintendo Switch owners can live out their dreams of being among dinosaurs and running their own park in Jurassic World Evolution.

This game first released a couple of years ago but the entire game, including expansions, comes together in this complete edition. Players will build their own areas of the Jurassic Park attraction using management tools. But you will need to engineer the creation of dinosaurs to fill your displays in order to gain income to continuously fund research. It’s a constant, moving cycle that could suddenly be interrupted by a loose Spinosaurus or Velociraptor. But there’s lots of fun in recreating iconic details from the beloved series.

Jurassic World Evolution is certainly made with fans in mind and with the full version available, they’ll definitely want to check it out. Learn more from the official website and see the Switch launch trailer below.