Phogs Chomps Down on a Release Date Trailer

It’s probably best not to think too closely about the biology of a two-headed dog, and instead just enjoy the double-shot of cute.  While the doggy in Phogs will never know the joys of another dog sniffing its butt, its life is filled with enough adventure to easily make up the difference.  Phogs is a platformer featuring a cheerful two-headed pupper, fully playable with alone but best with two people controlling a head apiece.  While the doggy doesn’t have anything in the way of legs it’s got a stretchable body that allows each head to do its own thing, whether that be grabbing a switch to open a gate so the other head can get the golden bone inside or chomping a glowing ball while head #2 turns into a flashlight.  It really is best not to think about the biology too closely.

Phogs is upbeat and cheerful beyond all reasonable measure and now it’s got a release date too.  It’s coming out for just about ever console under the sun plus PC on December 3- Switch, Xbox One, PS4, Stadia, and of course backwards compatibility with the new generation of Xbox X/S and PS5.  As is tradition for such an announcement there’s a new trailer to go with it, so give it a watch below.  Or if you’re feeling impatient, there’s a good demo on Steam to play for a more hands-on experience.