Star Renegades Treks onto Consoles This Month

Sci-fi RPG Star Renegades makes the journey to consoles this month, with Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch getting first crack at it. Fans of roguelites and RPGs will be able to enjoy the adventure on these systems starting on November 19. Star Renegades is coming to PS4 too, but not until November 25.

Star Renegades puts players in control of a small group of rebels. Their mission: bring down the oppressive empire. The RPG sports a fast-paced turn-based combat system set in a procedurally generated campaign. The story will more or less be the same for each run, but the strategic situation will differ, and even individual enemies are supposed to pose a legitimate threat most of the time. Depending on one’s choices, it’s entirely possible to lose to an otherwise normal enemy.

Star Renegades is available now for PC and launches for Xbox Game Pass and Switch on November 19. The PlayStation 4 release will follow on November 25.