Bloober Team’s The Medium Pushed Back to January of Next Year

All that previous talk of the Xbox Series X/S getting at least one new exclusive of sorts last month? A lot can happen in the span of around thirty-or-so days and that’s exactly the case with Bloober Team’s upcoming third-person horror adventure, The Medium. It was only last month that the game had landed itself a release date in December — just a few weeks before 2020 would end. Now though the game has seen its own share of delay woes, albeit to not as severe a length as others, with the game being pushed back around a month to January of next year.

Though the developers don’t refer to it by name, simply stating one of the reasons behind the delay being the “current schedule of other games on the market”, no doubt that the recent news of Cyberpunk 2077’s own delay, its third in fact — which saw CD Projekt Red’s anticipated, open-world title, pushed back to December 10 — played a major part in today’s news. It would’ve meant that both Cyberpunk 2077 and The Medium would’ve released on the exact same day. An understandable decision to make, given the vast excitement and marketing behind what is still one of 2020’s most anticipated games. Let’s hope The Medium can start 2021 in style, as it originally intended to end 2020 on, when it releases across Xbox Series X/S and PC, on January 28.