YesterMorrow’s Fight for the Future Begins Today

There are as many manifestations of time travel in gaming as there are games that employ it, and, starting today, players can try out YesterMorrow’s take on the idea. The present world of YesterMorrow is a bleak place characterized by hardship and everlasting night. It doesn’t necessarily stay that way, though. In fact, if a certain girl  with strange, time-twisting abilities has her way, it will never have gotten so bad in the first place.

YesterMorrow is a puzzle-platformer wherein players step into the role of Yui, a girl with the power to travel between her past an present selves. As both versions of Yui, they’ll have to hop between both times to solve puzzles, harness the power of the Everlight and drive back the Shadows  which have already succeeded  in destroying the future.

YesterMorrow is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.