Fanatical 25th Anniversary Build Your Own Bundle Now Available

Fanatical’s latest bundle deal is a build your own bundle with a low barrier of entry and some fantastic value built in depending on what kind of game’s you enjoy. You can get one of the following games for $1, five for $2.99, and 10 for $4.99 – making this a fantastic deal overall if you have any interest in the games offered up. The available games include Ancestor’s Legacy, DIRT 4, Dry Drowning, Syberia 3, SpeedRunners, ibb and obb, Skullgirls, Days of War: Definitive Edition, Guns, Gore, and Cannoli, Call of Juarez, Hero Defense, Space Wolf, LiveLock, Tempest, God’s Trigger, Enemy Front, F1 2018, When Skilifts Go Wrong, Omerta: City of Gangsters, Port Royale 3, Train alley, The ABC Murders, King of Dragon Pass, Flashback, and the Shadowgrounds Pack. This gives you a blend of Racing, mystery, fighting, and adventure gaming for a minimal cost.