Upbeat Weirdo Hidden-Object NYAF Releases on Steam

One of the greatest dangers in gaming is getting caught in a rut. There are endless genres, sure, but it’s easy to think “I like this” and then play a lot of it, unintentionally focusing on a niche until it all runs together.  A good gaming diet switches it up now and then, keeping the brain happy with a new toy to chew on.  Sometimes that “something different” may be a deep dive into the complexities of a new genre, but a bite-sized snack of delicious refreshment can be just as effective.  NYAF is a hidden-object game that released today on Steam and it’s basically a perfect mind-cleanser.

Each image in NYAF holds one hundred extra items and the object is as simple as clicking on the ones that don’t belong.  While in theory this is relatively easy each level is a giant drawing bursting with figures and detail, rendered in a hyper-energetic style that’s half cartoon, half graffiti art.  The normal difficulty level has the extra figures half-transparent to make them easier to pick up from the background, but it’s still easy to just plain not see one despite it sitting right there in the open, only hidden by the visual overload.  Some of the extra figures are large while others are super-small, but you can zoom in and out of the background image to both catch all the fine details and see the whole composition.  The zoom is also useful for finding secrets, which can lead to brand-new features and mini-games that have nothing to do with finding hidden objects at all.  Plus the soundtrack is all-around excellent.

NYAF released today on Steam and it’s just the thing to perk up a tired or overstressed brain.  Give the trailer a look below and relax into the madness.