Fall Guys Gets a Bit More Wild with Mid-Season Update

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout started its second season with a strong influx of medieval-themed games and cosmetics, but there was still room for improvement of course. Well, it seems Mediatonic thought so too, because the studio just introduced a nice chunk of new content into the mix. Old rounds have been remixed; quality-of-life issues have been resolved and one entirely new round has made its debut.

The mid-season update brings several significant changes to Fall Guys. The first and most notable is the introduction of  the “Big Fans” round. This new game has players trying their best to scramble across spinning fans as they race to the finish. Older rounds have gotten some sorely needed shake-ups too. Games like “Perfect Match” and “Rollout” will now feature actual obstacles every so often, so make sure to stay awake next time they pop-up.

Long-standing problems like hanging on the “Fall Mountain” crown and falling through “Hex-a-Gone” tiles have been fixed, and the developer has even implemented an issue tracker to better find and resolve the problems are still routinely running into. Fall Guys may have indeed lost momentum in the wake of Among Us and the busy fall release schedule, but the guys are still here and they’re still fighting to be the best.

Fall Guys is available now on PC and PlayStation 4.