New Zealand PS Store Reveals Current Release Date for Deathloop

Earlier this year, Bethesda and Arkane Lyon sadly had to announce that Deathloop, their first-person action game where you have to take down eight elite targets in order to escape a time loop, would be delayed until 2021 due to complications involving having to work around the current COVID-19 outbreak (much like several other games this year). At the time, we were only told that the new release window would be sometime in the second quarter of the following year. However, thanks to the New Zealand PlayStation Store, it looks like we now have a more specific release date for the game.

According to the listings for both the Standard Edition and the Deluxe Edition, we can currently expect Deathloop to arrive on May 21 (although the time zone difference between New Zealand and other areas means it appears as May 20 in the store). Now of course, this date could change at any given moment, and has not been officially confirmed by Bethesda or Arkane Lyon yet, but it certainly fits the window previously given. [UPDATE 11/12: Bethesda has now indeed confirmed that May 21 is the current release date.] So if what we have is accurate and all goes well, we can expect Deathloop to arrive for the PC and as a times PS5 exclusive in May.

At the very least, though, the store also gives us a peek at the game’s pre-order bonuses, and the bonuses included with the Deluxe Edition. Those who pre-order will get a unique “Royal Protector” machete weapon exclusive to the PS5, a “Storm Rider” skin for our main character Colt, and one Trinket (an equippable buff). The Deluxe Edition, meanwhile, also includes unique Transtar Trencher, Eat The Rich Tribunal, and .44 Karat Fourpounder weapons (with the trencher also being exclusive to the PS5 editions), a “Party Crasher” skin for Colt and a “Sharp Shooter” skin for potential rival second player Julianna, two Trinkets, and selections from the game’s original soundtrack.