The Falconeer Flies High on PC and Xbox

We have covered The Falconeer off and on for a while now, and after a long wait, this gorgeous-looking atmospheric flight adventure is now available. It’s a mix of rail shooter and exploration as going from waypoint to waypoint allows you to find new areas and enemy locations. You have a speedy falcon at your disposal, which comes in handy as you barrel roll out of the way of enemy fire. It’s an exciting, fast-paced adventure that gives you time to breathe a bit between the action – and much like Panzer Dragoon before it, sucks you into the world as a result. The sound design is also incredible – and playing with a good set of headphones shows off just how much work went into it.

You can pick up The Falconeer on Xbox platforms and on PC via Steam and GOG now. Buying it on PC allows you to save 10% – taking the price down to $16.99 for the base game. Steam users can get a massive 28% discount on the digital deluxe version, which includes an OST and guide, which can definitely come in handy for a game as opened up as this. Buying it on GOG ensures that you will have access to a DRM-free version of the game, which may be better-suited for trips or times when you’re offline and you can still launch it via Steam or with GOG’s own Galaxy launcher as well.