Koi Pond Update Now Available For Grounded

So it looks like Xbox Game Studios has a massive hit on their hands with Obsidian’s survival game Grounded, having over five million players so far. And now it appears even more players may be tempted to join in on the journey of a shrunken-down kid exploring their backyard thanks to the game’s biggest addition yet, arriving in time for the Xbox Series X launch. That would be the Koi Pond, a new biome which you can view in the trailer below, and which contains quite a few potential horrors alongside its amusing tone.

The main star of the Koi Pond update is, unsurprisingly, a somehow battle-scarred koi that acts as new boss in the revamped pond. We also have new creatures like tadpoles, water boatmen, and diving bell spiders (yep, giant spiders that can swim now), as well as new armor, tools, weapons, challenges, and more (not to mention some general quality-of-life fixes). The official blog goes into greater detail about what to expect, as well as a letter from the Grounded team discussing the updates and what changes, additions, and refinements can be expected in the future. Grounded is available now for XB1, PC, and the XSX, all in Early Access (a point the trailer humorously makes).