Gameplay Trailer Revealed For Ustwo’s Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

If you know anything about London-based developers Ustwo Games, it’s probably that they’re behind the award-winning Monument Valley games, surreal mobile puzzlers that have been enjoyed by many. But with their latest game, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, they’re stepping back from bizarre fantasy lands again and providing us with something we definitely need: A feel-good adventure about a cheerful girl wanting to examine various animals in the wild.

Set on a Mediterranean island, our titular Alba is visiting their grandparents, and is ready for a summer full of wildlife exploration. This means journeying around and photographing everything from various birds to lynxes, rabbits, and more. However, it becomes clear that various forms of pollution are endangering the animals and the island in general, and so Alba will have to find ways to help out the wildlife and gather volunteers in order to make the land a better place. Ultimately, it’s a game about how even the smallest person can make a difference, a bit of optimism that’s certainly welcome in these times. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure arrive for Apple Arcade and PC on December 11, with console versions in the works for later.