Snowrunner Treks to the Canadian Wilderness in Season 2 DLC

One of the nicer surprises of 2020 has been SnowRunner, the sequel to SpinTires/MudRunner that turned a great concept into a great game.  Large maps covering a lightly-tamed landscape seemed so lovely and idyllic until it was time to drag a truck through the patches of mud, ice, slush, and snow that somehow or other were masquerading as functional roads.  It takes more than sheer horsepower to wrangle a truck dragging a multi-ton load through a soggy pit of near traction-free earthen goo, not to mention past tight switchbacks on frozen mountain passes.  There’s not an enemy or opponent to be seen in SnowRunner and instead the challenge is the work, and it’s incredibly satisfying to finally pull a trailer full of wood or steel into the depot.  The going is slow but sometimes even a few feet is another victory, just a little bit closer to firm ground and real progress.

Since SnowRunner came out it’s already had its first Season One DLC released, providing two new maps in Russia, and today saw Season two show up with another pair of linked maps in Canada.  The Explore and Expand DLC comes with new trucks as well, two from Cat (with the Cat 770G being the biggest one yet) and an agile little KRS 58 Bandit with a built-in crane.  For those not ready to pop open their wallets, the update has some free goodies for the base game as well, including the ability to pack smaller trucks on bigger ones and transport them across the map.  There are also decals and cab interior decorations, plus missions and trials for the existing maps.  Free or paid, there’s a lot to play with in there and plenty of incentive to pick SnowRunner back up if it’s fallen by the wayside during the Fall gaming crush.

The Snowrunner Season 2: Explore and Expand DLC is available today on consoles and the Epic Game Store.  Give the trailer below a watch to see just how much fun it can be to trample the unspoiled beauty of nature with several hundred pounds of gas-guzzling muscle.