Splatoon 2’s Pearl and Marina Have figma Figures for Pre-Order

The Splatoon series already has a number of figurines and collectibles available but a new pair have just been announced. Splatoon 2’s hosts, Off the Hook, have their own figmas open for pre-order. This fresh duo is seen at the start up of the game as well as when reporting breaking news, soon they can be part of your collection.

Pearl and Marina come together and show off such fine details from quilted dress textures to ombré tentacle coloring. Both feature articulated joints for various poses and they come with eye pieces, different faces and hands for unique displays. A chair, microphone and turntable accessory gives them an authentic appearance just like in the game.

This pair of figmas are open for pre-order from November 17 to January 14. However, they will not be available to own until July. Check them out in the images below and remember: don’t get cooked, stay off the hook!