Fireworks Mania Brings Explosive Hijinks to PC Soon

Everyone knows that fireworks are dangerous even in the best of circumstances. As bright, colorful and downright beautiful to behold as they are, they’re still low-grade explosives. It’s why even something as seemingly-minor as a firecracker is supposed to be handled with the utmost caution. Of course that didn’t stop many of us from playing with those firecrackers in all sorts of clearly unsafe ways, and now there’s a way to do the same with the bigger varieties.

With Fireworks Mania, players can unleash their inner-pyromaniac with all manner of bright and explosive ordnance. There’s apparently no objectives to fulfill or scenarios to create, so players will have to get a little creative once the novelty of randomly blowing stuff up wears off. Fortunately, it seems the makers of Fireworks Mania are aware of this, so the game has the tools necessary to both plan and execute one’s on fireworks show. Check out the most recent trailer for a peek at what’s on offer.

Fireworks Mania is set to launch on PC via Steam this December.