Humble Sweet Farm Fall Bundle Now Available

A new Humble Bundle is upon us celebrating fall and offering up a slew of new to HB games as well. The $1 tier is one of the best yet, netting you Out There: Omega Edition, Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove, and its OST. Stepping up to about $6.50 in the beat the average tier gets you SUPERHOT, Moonlighter, and Chuchel: Cherry Edition. This is a fantastic mix of a methodical FPS in Superhot, Zelda-like shopkeeper in Moonlighter, and a surreal comedy in Chuchel that also gets you an OST and a digital artbook.

Finally, for $12, you unlock four games – with some of the most diverse games yet in this price range for a bundle. At this level, you get the fantastic 3D platformer A Hat in Time, the relaxing and mentally-stimulating Coffee Talk, as well as the tactical adventure with a sci-fi wrapper in Sigma Theory and a goofy RTS in Necronator. If you don’t have any of the games offered up here, any tier is a good value – but the $12 tier is unreal because of the sheer variety of genres you can enjoy with it.