Embracer Group Announces Eleven Developer Acquisitions in Single Day

In what might be their biggest slew of acquisitions, Embracer Group — formerly THQNordic — have today announced the acquisition of thirteen separate studios and companies. Eleven of which are game developers. Among the more notable names are studios such as Flying Wild Hog (of the Shadow Warrior series fame); 34BigThings, creators of futuristic, anti-grav racer Redout; as well as Coffee Stain North, whom working as both a developer and publisher, have in the past helped release titles like Goat Simulator, Deep Rock Galactic and Huntdown. The latter of which becomes a fully-owned subsidiary, after the formerly-named THQNordic first purchased a major stake in the company two years prior.

Other acquisitions include: IUGO Mobile Entertainment, Purple Lamp Studios, Mad Head Games, Nimble Giant Entertainment, Snapshot Games, Silent Games, Zen Studios and A Thinking Ape Entertainment on the game development side. Sandbox Strategies, a New York-based PR agency, as well as Romania-based QA-testing company Quantic Lab, complete the list in today’s announcement. Embracer Group estimate that the total cost of all these acquisitions totals approximately two billion Swedish Krona — roughly working out at around $230 million.