Logitech Announces New PRO X SUPERLIGHT Gaming Mouse

Today, Logitech is offering a new mouse for competitive gamers. Weighing in at only 63 grams and offering a wireless capability, the Logitech PRO X SUPERLIGHT Gaming Mouse will allow not only high speeds for gaming but also portability for professionals. This is Logitech G’s lightest and fastest gaming mouse ever made. The wireless technology is powered by the Logitech LIGHTSPEED pro-grade with a HERO 25K sensor for ultra fine control. With the addition of Zero-Additive PFTE Feet, this mouse was designed by professional gamers.

“Having good aim is a must, especially when playing CS:GO,” said Oleksandr
Kostyliev, better known as s1mple, a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
player for Natus Vincere (NAVI). “The Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT allows playing at
my peak, with zero limitations, zero compromise and most importantly, zero misses!”

The new PRO X SUPERLIGHT joins the PRO-line of Logitech G products. This product helped ASTRALIS win the 12th season of the ESL PRO League Final and G2 Esports win the 2020 League of Legends European Championship. The PRO X SUPERLIGHT was designed to eliminate all possible obstacles. The mouse also promises 70 hours of battery life, so losing power won’t be in the back of anyone’s mind.

“With the PRO X SUPERLIGHT we pushed the boundaries of what’s possible when you
combine innovative technologies like LIGHTSPEED and HERO 25K with a super
lightweight design,” said Chris Pate, portfolio manager for Logitech G PRO Series.
“Tested and validated by Pro athletes around the world, The PRO X SUPERLIGHT is the
answer for gamers who are looking for the pinnacle of performance.”

Logitech will be launching the PRO X SUPERLIGHT on December 3. It will come in both black and white and is available for $149.99. The mouse can be purchased at Logitech.com.