New Weather, Festivities Come to Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Cold weather and lots of snow will be blowing into Animal Crossing: New Horizons soon as part of the game’s winter update. Soon villagers’ islands will have blankets of snow covering their trees and walkways, hopefully enough to build a snowman or two. Chilly weather isn’t the only thing coming with this update though; players will soon be able to enjoy new holidays as well.

November 26 is officially Turkey Day in the world of Animal Crossing. Players can help Franklin the turkey gather ingredients for the savory dishes he’ll be putting on display. There might even be a little thank you gift waiting for those who lend him a hand. About a month later, on December 24,  Jingle will be visiting islands to help the residents celebrate Toy Day. He’ll need some help spreading the good cheer, so make sure to be a helpful villager and pitch-in. After all, Jingle never forgets all the good little villagers out there. Players will actually have the entire month of December to gather ornaments, craft holiday furniture and try on holiday clothes.

Nintendo is also adding nine new reactions as part of this update, all of which can be obtained with Nook Miles at the Nook Shop terminal. Additionally, villagers can apply for a “Home Storage Upgrade” which will increase their home’s storage to 2,400 slots. It sounds like a lot, but villagers tend to hoard, so it makes sense. Other quality of life updates include the ability to visit random islands in dreams and move islands and/or residents to new systems. Finally, seasonal items for New Year’s Eve will be available from December 26 to December 31. Fans will also have a special, countdown event on the day itself to help celebrate the end of 2020.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now on Nintendo Switch. Check out our review for a full breakdown on everything it brings to the series.