Limited Run Games Shenmue III Complete Edition, OST Collections, Coming November 20

Limited Run Games will be selling a new complete collectors edition of Shenmue III tomorrow, November 20, on their website.  The game includes a region-free physical copy of Shenmue III Complete Edition for PlayStation 4 and will be limited to 3,000 copies worldwide.

Collectors who get in on the deal are also promised the following: 

  • Shenmue III Complete Edition (PS4): This Limited Run Games exclusive includes the base Shenmue III game, latest patch, and all DLC on disc.
  • All DLC Included on disc
  • Welcome Card (From Hotel Niaowu)
  • Chobu Chan Figurine
  • Bailu Chan Figurine
  • Shenmue III Complete Edition Commemorative Dreamcast Jewel Case (no Dreamcast game disc is included) *pending licensor approval
  • Five inch die cast Sword of Seven Stars replica
  • Golden Goose VIP Card
  • Bailu Herb Map

In addition, LRG will be selling the Shenmue III Original Soundtrack on both vinyl and CD starting at 3PM GMT (that’s 10 AM EST, for those of us in the States). Several sets will be available, ranging from the $35 Shenmue III The Definitive Soundtrack Vol. 1: Bailu Village + Vol. 2 Niaowu (Outer Boxes Only) — which, it should be noted, are literally just boxes to house the two volumes’ record sleeves — to the massive (and decidedly not cheap, at $350) Signed Shenmue III Definitive OST 11 LP Set. 

The full OST includes 196 tracks and sets will also come with liner notes, archival artwork and more. Pre-orders will be open until Sunday, December 20 at 11:59 EST.