Test Your Forklifting Skills in Shenmue III on Steam Today

Intrigue, revenge, adventure, forklift driving, tiny vending machine toys. Shenmue III has it all. Now distributor Deep Silver has announced that you can, too, and at a hefty initial discount, if you buy it on Steam before November 23. In fact, until that date, you can buy the game and all currently-available DLC for less than the full normal price of just the basic game. Not bad for a game that just released today!

The full prices – along with their temporary discounts – are as follows:

  • Shenmue III (base game) for $49.99 – (66% discount Nov 19-23)
  • Shenmue III Deluxe Edition – $64.98 – (66% discount Nov 19-23)
  • DLC 1 Big Merry Cruise – $3.29 – (60% discount Nov 19-23)
  • DLC 2 Battle Rally – $7.99 – (60% discount Nov 19-23)
  • DLC 3 Story quest pack – $5.99 – (60% discount Nov 19-23)
  • Season Pass bundle (3 DLCs) – (15% discount on the full bundle Nov 19-23)

Shenmue began its life in 1999 on Dreamcast, quickly amassing a cult following that would clamor, seemingly in vain, for a US follow-up that never came — at least, not for owners of that beloved system. It was eventually ported to the Xbox, where, despite near-universal critical acclaim, it sold so poorly that subsequent games in the series never materialized, leaving the story of Ryo Hazuki’s quest to avenge his father unfinished. Finally, that story continues in Shenmue III, which released initially on November 19, 2019, for PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs.

Shenmue is the brain child of Yu Suzuki, whose previously-heralded works include Space Harrier and Virtua Fighter. He now heads up his own studio, Ys Net Inc., which developed Shenmue III after quickly becoming the highest-funded video game in Kickstarter history up to that time — as well as becoming the fastest campaign to raise $2 million.