New Fighting Anime Schoolgirls with Phantom Breaker: Omnia Trailer

It’s hard to know why anime schoolgirls fight all the time.  Whether they transform into magical girls, wield half a giant scissor, get involved in bullet-hell arcade madness, or just throw down one-on-one, it’s a wonder the planet has survived the unquenched violence that only grows stronger as they make their way from adolescence to adulthood.  The latest group of young fighters has actually been around for a while, but Phantom Breaker: Omnia promises to be the ultimate final completely-complete edition of their war on just going to school and getting an education because surviving teenager-hood is far too simple.

The original Phantom Breaker came out way back on the Xbox 360, which is now somehow two hardware generations ago.  Phantom Breaker: Another Code hit arcades a couple years later, adding a new character and other gameplay tweaks, and a few months after that the PS3 and 360 got Phantom Breaker: Extra with more characters, balancing, and a new play style.  The original had characters fighting in either Quick or Hard style, with exactly the kind of advantages in each that their name implies, while the Extra style mixed both together with incredible strengths and disadvantages, designed for expert players.  That wasn’t quite the end of the Phantom Breaker franchise (Is it really a series if it’s multiple revisions of a base game?) thanks to the 16-bit-styled beat-em-up spinoff Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds, but it’s been fairly quiet for a good number of years now.  Phantom Breaker: Omnia is a complete rebuild of the original game/s, adding two brand-new characters to bring the roster up to a nice round twenty plus swapping out Extra for the new Omnia fighting style.

For more on why this is being revived after a seven year gap between 2013’s Phantom Breaker: Extra and now, series producer Sakurai has a good developer diary over at US publisher Rocket Panda’s site, but the short version is Extra never became quite what he envisioned and Battle Grounds took off, finally allowing the chance to make Phantom Breaker the game he’d wanted it to be while also properly introducing the franchise overseas.  That means full English voice acting (with choice of Japanese) and all the necessary story bits are included.  It’s an all-out high-school showdown, and today’s new trailer shows a full match between two of the girls complete with Breaker K.O.