Final Fantasy VII’s Sephiroth Revealed as Next Smash Bros DLC Fighter

Nintendo promised that we’d see the reveal of the third DLC fighter for the second round of new fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Naturally fans have gone crazy with speculation as to who it might’ve been and what third-party series could potentially have seen some debut representation in the form of a playabale character. But as is so often the case, very few guessed correctly that it would be Sephiroth — the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VII. In typical cryptic fashion, his reveal trailer left it vague for a bit as to who it might be before revealing that Final Fantasy VII would be the first third-party IP to receive two completely different characters in the game’s line-up.

It’s not the first time two characters in general from the same series have shown up, with Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter, as well as Simon and Richter Belmont of Castlevania fame, already present though the latter debutants from each series are technically “Echo Fighters”. Sephiroth by contrast, least from the gameplay trailer below, looks to play completely differently from his Final Fantasy counterpart, Cloud. Regardless, Smash Bros. once more has successfully managed to catch a lot of us off-guard with its DLC choice. Three more characters remain to be unveiled in the game’s latest Fighters Pass.