Devolver Digital Announces Deck-Building RPG Loop Hero

Well, the pre-show at The Game Awards 2020 didn’t waste much time before leaping into world premieres. The event kicked off with Nina Struthers of Devolver Digital, set to present the award for the 2021 Game of the Year, consisting of Devolver’s 2021 lineup so far. But of course, the award actually went to a new game being revealed: Loop Hero, by developer Four Quarters.

Set in a world where the Lich has thrown everything into an endless loop, Loop Hero is a deck-building RPG where players will strategically place card along a procedurally generated loop in order to create successful expeditions. With each loop, you’ll unlock new classes, cards, and guardians to hopefully help you end the cycle. Loop Hero is set to arrive on PC in 2021, and should indeed be another grand addition to Devolver’s stable of games.